Philadelphia LGBTQ Counseling is a small private practice that functions within the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. Our mission is to provide LGBT individuals and couples with quality therapy in a completely empathetic and open setting. We believe that LGBT individuals and therapists will work together with a heightened level of mutual understanding, empathy, and comfort making the likelihood of a successful turnout much greater.

You don’t need to have a “gay issue” in order to be well-suited for our practice. We provide a comfortable environment for LGBT individuals and couples to discuss various aspects of their lives without taking time to explain being LGBT to a therapist not of the same experience.

Of course, we do have the expertise and personal experience to help you to address concerns related to coming out, staying out, and managing personal and professional relationships in light these disclosures, among an array of other LGBT-specific issues.

Couples counseling is a service provided to help couples work through a specific problem or problems, to improve communication, and to help you to increase feelings of true partnership in your relationship. We also specialize in short-term counseling ( 5-7 sessions) for couples preparing for marriage, a sort of pre-nuptial strengthening exercise.