Every parent wishes they could help their child through every challenge they’ll face, no matter how big or small. Unfortunately, there are some subjects that kids can’t or won’t talk about with their parents. One reason being that it is difficult for children to differentiate between a caregiver and rule enforcer and a confidant: that’s when a therapist comes in. As therapists, we play unique roles in the lives of our young clients: unlike parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers, we help kids and teens to feel that they are talking to an equal, a friend of sorts, while subtly shaping their behaviors and helping him or her to talk openly and productively.

Philadelphia LGBTQ Counseling works with children and adolescents who are experiencing gender identity confusion and/or who are questioning their sexual orientation. We have no agenda one way or another in working with your child, our only goal is simply to help your son or daughter learn more about who they are so they can go back to being the happy child you know and love. We also work with children who are learning to adapt to their parent(s) recently coming out as LGBTQ.

In most circumstances we encourage parents to be a part of their child’s treatment both by joining your son or daughter in session when appropriate as well as by meeting individually with your child’s therapist. With parental involvement, your child’s therapist has access to more of a bird’s eye view of your son or daughter’s life which is often instrumental in creating positive change. Additionally, through family sessions there is an opportunity for parent-child relationship improvement.